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We have now moved!

Wallace House Surgery is no longer in use but we are now open at our new surgery ‘Lea Wharf Medical’ 17 Bircherley Green SG14 1BN – feel free to come and visit for a little look around!

PLEASE NOTE Calton Court is remaining open as usual!

Our current site at St Andrews Street has housed our team and patients for over 40 years, however we are thrilled to be moving into the new purpose-built treatment centre.

Please see below a list of frequently asked questions you may find useful. Please note we will be contacting all our patients in the near future as the date of our move is confirmed.

When will Lea Wharf Medical be opening?

We are excited to announce that we will be opening our doors to welcome patients on Monday 19th February.

When will you stop providing services at Wallace House 5-11 St Andrews Street?

We will stop providing services at Wallace House on Friday 16th February.

Will Calton court be closing too?

No, our Branch Surgery at Calton Court will not be closing, we will still be operating our usual services from there.

Will I have to re register as a patient?

No, you will not have to re register as a patient if you are already an active patient at Wallace House. All of our patient data is transferrable through our secure systems. If you are not already a patient and would like to register please visit our homepage and submit an online form.

Will there be parking at the new Lea Wharf site?

The Lea Wharf development is estimated to have 188 pay and display car parking spaces. At present we do not have information on when the multi storey car park will be opening to the public, as the car park is owned and managed by a parking agency.

Is the new premises accessible?

Yes, our new premises is ground floor making this accessible to all patients.

Will our surgery number be changing?

No our surgery number will not be changing, it will be staying the exact same.

Where will I need to go for my appointment?

Any appointment after Friday 16th February will either be at our new main site Lea Wharf Medical at Bircherley Green or Calton Court. However you would have been informed of this upon booking your appointment.

*PLEASE NOTE* Monday 19th- Friday 23rd February will be our first week operating from this new site so we may encounter a few teething problems therefore please can we ask for your patience should we need to rearrange your appointments.

Rachael Hunt, Practice Manager at Wallace House Surgery, said: “We are delighted to sign this agreement for the new surgery at Lea Wharf. This new treatment centre represents a significant investment into improving healthcare services for the local community in Hertford. We appreciate the support of Chase New Homes, as without their help this new surgery would not have been possible. By relocating to a larger practice, offering more services and being able to help more patients, we will be able to improve standards and cut waiting times. We are keen to reassure patients as we make this transition, and we look forward to welcoming them to Lea Wharf in the near future.”

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Behind the scenes process of the end of Wallace House and the beginning of Lea Wharf Medical!

(Page updated February 2024)